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Archive for February 2012

Special Staff Strategy Meetings Can Generate $1 Million in New Business Per Year

What do staff meetings have to do with marketing?
Well, the truth is, staff meetings can directly/indirectly generate
millions of dollars in new patients, clients or customers!

Here’s my recommendation – if you truly want (and understand the
VALUE of) administrative and/or marketing systems, processes and
procedures to help you automate the growth of your business/practice,
you need to have weekly meetings with your staff.

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Consistency is the Key

Here is one of the top three secrets to helping you maximize your efforts and your results with all of your marketing and all of your advertising initiatives. It’s incredibly simple, it’s easy to do, but very few people ever do it. What is it – Consistency!

Most doctors, professionals and business owners seem to market themselves when they’re desperate for new business. They end up riding this wave of new business… and they stop advertising or marketing… and then business goes down. I call this the yo-yo ups and downs of business…and 90% of all business owners will do this to themselves throughout their career.

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